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Should I Pressure Wash My Home in the Winter?

Should I Pressure Wash My Home in the Winter?

As the summer season comes to an end we know that you are wondering if your home improvements, like pressure washing, should too. To answer that question simply, if you live in Florida, no way! In most parts of the country it is much too cold to safely pressure wash your home in the winter time - but in Florida, our winters are nice and cool, with little chance of freezing water ruining your home.

Pressure Washing in the Winter can Help Prevent Algae and Grime Buildup

Algae and grime thrive in cool and damp environments - sounds like Florida in the winter time, huh? By waiting until the warmer months to pressure wash your home, you stand the chance of having dangerous algae and grime buildup around your home. Protect your home and your health by nipping algae and grime in the bud whenever they pop up. With winter colds and the seasonal flu coming around the corner, your best bet is to make sure to keep the inside AND outside of your home free from allergens and irritants.

Get your home ready for the holidays

Why let your home go by the wayside just as the holiday season is revving up? It is typical to stop home improvement projects during the holiday season because there just seems to be so many things to do. You’ve got parties to plan, guests to host, presents to buy - when do you have the time to climb up on your roof and tackle the grit and grim? But keeping your home looking its best is especially important during the holidays - remember, you do have to host A LOT of guests! You’ll want your home to look its best!

Save time and protect your home by bringing in the professionals!

Like we said before, you don’t have the time to pressure washing your home all by yourself. Lucky for you, Ohana Pressure Washing is here to get the job done, every month of the year. We only use the best and safest techniques, like Soft Washing, to pressure clean your home. We’re licensed and insured, so you know you’ll be getting the best treatment.

Give us a call at (904) 318-7474 and schedule your pressure wash today!


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